Account Application Risk Disclosure

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Delivery Risk Disclosure


  1. Pricing and Buybacks.

Treasure Coast Bullion Group ("Treasure Coast") establishes sale prices and buyback prices internally, which are subject to change without prior notice. Products offered by Treasure Coast are categorized as either Common Bullion Products or Premium Products. The pricing of these products is primarily based on factors such as the precious metal's value (commonly referred to as the "spot price"), the product's weight, and a premium above the melt value, all determined solely by Treasure Coast. This premium, which covers various expenses, including advertising and profits, may cause fluctuations in product prices irrespective of changes in the melt value.


Prices set by Treasure Coast are independent of those offered by other dealers or institutions for similar products.


While Treasure Coast has historically provided buy-back offers, there is no guarantee of repurchase for products sold. Treasure Coast's buy-back policy is subject to change at its discretion, and customers should be aware that other companies may offer less favorable buyback pricing. Customers are encouraged to compare buyback prices with other potential buyers before selling products purchased from Treasure Coast.


a. Margin/Spreads/Premiums

Treasure Coast's pricing incorporates a margin to cover expenses such as advertising and profits. This margin is calculated as the difference between Treasure Coast's cost and retail sales price, expressed as a percentage. The margin varies for each product but can be as high as 66% or more for certain items, subject to change.


b. Buyback, Sales, and Liquidation.

Customers may request a buy-back offer from Treasure Coast, which may be provided at Treasure Coast's current buy-back price, typically at a discount from the retail price. If Treasure Coast declines to repurchase products, customers may seek to sell them elsewhere at melt value. Treasure Coast reserves the right to adjust buy-back prices and may decline buyback offers at its discretion.


c. Melt Value.

The melt value represents the intrinsic metal content of a product and is calculated by multiplying the metal's weight by the spot value.


  1. Objectives.

Investing in precious metals involves costs, including Treasure Coast's margin, which may affect investment returns. Treasure Coast does not guarantee profitability, and customers should invest discretionary funds only. Treasure Coast does not assess suitability for individual customers and has no fiduciary duty.


  1. Consult with Your Financial, Tax, and Legal Advisor.

Treasure Coast does not provide investment, tax, or legal advice. Customers should consult their own advisors regarding the consequences of their investment decisions.


  1. Volatility.

Precious metal markets are subject to significant fluctuations, and customers should be prepared for price volatility.


  1. Buybacks/Buyback Pricing.

Treasure Coast does not guarantee buy-back offers and reserves the right to adjust buy-back prices.


  1. Sales Representatives

Treasure Coast's Sales Representatives, including commissioned contractors and employees, do not provide investment advice and have no fiduciary duty to customers. Customers are responsible for their purchase decisions.


  1. Grading/Authenticity.

Product grades and descriptions are based on opinions that may change over time. Treasure Coast relies on independent grading services for certifications but does not independently verify product authenticity.


Investing in precious metals carries risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Customers should conduct their own research and consult legal advisors before investing. Treasure Coast does not guarantee future market performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Any investment in precious metals is speculative and could result in significant financial losses.