Will the BRICS Nations Bring an End to the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency?

June 4, 2024

The BRICS nations, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, are exploring the creation of a new reserve currency.…

gold coins stacked on a table

The History of Gold Coins in Currency

May 30, 2024

Throughout history, gold coins have served as a key medium of exchange in various civilizations, highlighting their enduring importance in…

Global currencies clash depicted as gladiators in an arena One currency stands victorious while others lay defeated symbolizing the impact of trade wars on economic stability

How Trade Wars Influence Economic Stability

May 28, 2024

Trade wars emerge when countries attempt to protect their domestic industries by imposing tariffs or quotas on foreign goods. This…

gold coins and computer screen

A New Prediction from Jim Rickards… $27,000/oz Gold!

May 22, 2024

James Rickards’ article “$27,000 Gold” presents a bold forecast that gold could reach $27,000 per ounce. Rickards’ analysis is rooted…

A stack of physical precious metals sits on a sturdy safe contrasting with a pile of paper ETF certificates

Why Physical Precious Metals Instead of ETFs

May 22, 2024

Investing in precious metals has been a traditional method of wealth preservation and a hedge against economic uncertainty for centuries.…

gold monster box background

Gold Eagle Monster Box: Securing Bulk American Eagles

May 20, 2024

A Gold Eagle Monster Box is a substantial investment in gold bullion. It contains 500 Gold American Eagle coins, officially…


PV Industry Demand for Silver Set to Increase by 20% in 2024 Amidst Tech Advancements

May 14, 2024

Overview   Trending Topics in Silver Utilization In the industrial sector, there has been a notable upsurge in the utilization…

Silver prices manipulated with futures contracts A group of traders surrounded by screens and charts make deals and exchange contracts in a bustling commodities trading floor

Silver Price Manipulation: Understanding How it’s Possible

May 9, 2024

The precious metals market, with silver as a prominent player, has been subject to scrutiny over allegations of price manipulation,…

Silver objects from various cultures displayed in a museum with accompanying text explaining their cultural significance

Cultural Significance of Silver in Different Societies

May 7, 2024

Silver’s luster and durability have captivated various civilizations throughout millennia, rendering it not merely a material possession but a significant…

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